Ebenezer is a special artist: one for whom making music transcends ego and is buried deeper in what it means to be alive. I’m learning how to express more about the things I wouldn’t share with people, the only way I can share it is through music,” he says. I talk about my family, the struggles of it all, four people sleeping in a double bed in a box room with no radiator, using our bodies for warmth.” At the end of the day, he’s on a mission, in his own lane. Where other British artists may be focusing on grime or rap he’s created something as honest but in one way or another, more exquisite, soulful and reflective.

In a few short years he’s worked with the likes of Craig David, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, Rejjie Snow, Stefflon Don and ADP. His previous releases, including ‘Cliche’, ‘Stats’ and ‘When I Call Em’, saw Ebenezer as he carved the unique path he’s set for himself – one of emotionally tinged R&B with hints of trap, completely void of the usual pretence that’s flooded the genre. In a way, it could be described as conscious turn-up music, but without a holier than thou message it’s simply real. Ebenezer is telling his stories to the world. And when you look at the rest of the British scene, he’s created his own sound.


His debut project ‘Bad Romantic’ truly showcased his signature UK rap aesthetic. An ode to real romance, the EP jumps  from  energetic  deeper  trap  sounds  on  tracks  like  ‘Till  I  Die’and  ‘Catch  Feelings’ and  transitions  to  slower  vibes  with  more  emotive  tracks  like  ‘South  of  France’ and  ‘Nostalgia’,  overall  rounding  this  project  off  as  a  stunning  first  release  from  Ebenezer.


Ebenezer’s newest release – the highly anticipated ’53 Sundays’, is a conceptual project inspired by his questioning of the importance of Church and God. Despite the emphasis that his environment has always been putting on religion and prayer, he felt that it’s his hard work, rather than divine providence, that helped him achieve all his success. The overall concept of ’53 Sundays’ is false prophets & blind faith. Me losing faith in religion and turning to this ‘get it by any means’ hustler lifestyle, made me question everything I’ve ever believed in. I don’t look to leaders to lead me. I am the master of my own fate and destiny. Growing up we never had anything, barely enough to put milk in our cereal, so we made due with water. From cousins who were supposed to be family kicking us out on the streets, thinking we need salvation, we need a miracle. We make our own miracles! ’53 Sundays’ is my truth. The title track came to him during a conversation with his mum when she told him that he should go to church. He responded: “Mum, I ain’t been to church in like 53 Sundays.”


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