Bree Runway Releases New Single and Video

There’s no missing Bree Runway. 

Now she’s back, even fiercer than before, standing up for herself, and starring in a shocking video that comes as a rallying cry for anyone who’s ever felt taken advantage of. 

Bree is the ultimate DIY Princess; shooting and editing videos, making wigs and wardrobe, writing music. You name it Bree can do it and she probably already has.

This London based superstar-in-waiting sang for Michelle Obama in her teens, with the First Lady taking a minute to tell her: “you make sure you never ever stop singing”. Now, after a summer spent playing festivals and duetting with Years & Years, Bree is ready with her brand new single, ‘What Do I Tell My Friends’.

“It’s a walk of shame anthem belted in the most triumphant most glamorous way… every girl’s guide to walking away from a fuck boy” says Bree of the track. As with everything Bree Runway does, there are no half measures and the video, a ‘fashion horror film’ (directed by Fred Rowson) for this ‘killer’ track is no exception. 

This may be Bree’s first official release but she’s been working on her craft for some time, putting out tracks and covers, most recently flying to Dubai with nothing more than a handycam and her best friends to shoot the bikini twerking filled video for 1Xtra favourite ‘Butterfly’.