Rejjie Snow today releases Dear Annie: Part 2

Rejjie Snow today releases Dear Annie: Part 2, a second EP featuring four brand new tracks lifted from his highly anticipated debut album Dear Annie. The EP is lead by Rainbows, premiered by Zane Lowe on his Beats 1 show today, and also features Room 27 (feat. Dana Williams), The Ends (feat. Jesse James Solomon) and Annie (feat. Jesse Boykins III). Dear Annie: Part 2 is available to stream and download from today. It is also available as an instant grat to those pre-ordering the LP, alongside Dear Annie: Part 1, released earlier this month.

Rejjie is a scene unto himself. Born in Dublin, he lives wherever his suitcase settles, wherever the songs send him, making albums in the middle of making other albums, and tangling words into beautifully complex knots that blur biography with fantasy over a shifting mass of rainy loops, tech- nicolor keys, and trippy percussion. And then there’s his voice, deep and otherworldly, capable of riding a beat with metronomic precision, cooing to raw piano, or yawping Prince-like over a soul- rock-jazz groove. His influences are as disparate as George Michael and Charles Bukowski. He designs clothes and paints. The moon is his first love. He almost had a career as a soccer star, but instead toured with Madonna, recorded with left field dance genius Kaytranada and, after signing to 300 Entertainment in 2016, became labelmate to fellow outsiders like Young Thug and Fetty Wap.