Kasai Releases Her New Single ‘Habit’

Kasai premiere’s her brand new track “Habit” exclusively with Fader. In the song, Kasai talks about a doomed relationship that dragged on because both were unable to realise things had soured, comparing the relationship to a negative habit.


In her interview with The FADER, Kasai went on to say: “‘Habit’ is about an inconvenient relationship that I was in just to be convenient… I think it brought the worst out of me unfortunately. I remember being so upset after the breakup which caused me confusion because I did not want him back. It taught me I shouldn’t look for happiness, company or someone else to make me feel pretty. I should be the only person with the power to do this. I wanted to be completely in love with me before I ever loved anyone again.”


Check out the lyric video for “Habit” filmed by Sam Gellaitry below.