Blossom Caldarone Releases 2nd Single ‘Fickle Friend’

Blossom Caldarone burst onto the scene late last year like a blast of fresh air, shaking the indie pop world up just enough to whet appetites for what’s in store for 2018.

Her debut single ‘Fairytale Lullaby’ struck a chord with many with her endearingly naive storytelling about unrequited teenage love. A song that displayed unadulterated natural songwriting talent. Watch the video here.

The 18 year old from South London is now pleased to share her follow up single ‘Fickle Friend’. Premiering on i-D earlier today the video gathers together a gaggle of girlfriends to help illustrate to songs narrative that once again, many a young woman can relate to daily. The trails of developing friendships and deciphering which of those are for life or which are far more fleeting.

Watch ‘Fickle Friend’ below